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November 14, 2019
Carry the Boardee Scoreboard anywhere.

The Boardee is no ordinary flip-a-score scoreboard. It is a portable - wearable scorekeeper, very compact and stands up on any flat surface or clips on to anything like a beach chair, ball cart or referee chair. Neck lanyard allows referees to wear this scoreboard around their neck.It is designed for indoor and outdoor use and is perfect for use by referees, players, coaches and event organizers.Boardee is flat, compact and convenient. Carry the Boardee Scoreboard anywhere

Clips on to anywhere like a volleyball post, referee chair, Beach chair, clipboard or ball cart (first ever)
Stores a stats/pool sheet on its back (first ever)
Hangs from a lanyard (first ever)
Stable game scoring cards in the wind (first ever, only for big cards)
Openable card hangers so you can take cards or put more
Double Sided scoring cards
Easy to cary and store anywhere 
Can be used as table-top scoreboard as well
All parts are replacable